Love Me Please (Part 1)

1My husband and I love dogs…and so we planned to get a pup when we move into our new apartment in Bangalore. This was about 2 years back. Unfortunately, after the distressing apartment hunt we dropped that idea. Owning a dog means a lot of responsibilities. It wasn’t because we were reluctant to take up responsibilities but rather anxious if we will be able to take good care of the pup. No! I am not joking!

I am listing down few pointers for every dog lovers and other weird people who just “simply” wants a dog.

Run with me!

FYI, pup’s will not be pint-sized all the time! Just like all living creatures it will grow into an adult..a large dog unless its a small (living) toy dog. Obviously, how big it can get will depend upon it’s lineage. One of the most basic and important need for a dog is it’s physical fitness. Everyone agrees on that but the question here is, where to take them for a walk?

Those who live in Bangalore or other such cities know that free space is very limited. The little space there is will be either filled with people, stray cows and dogs, goats or at times chickens. How to keep the pets from going all crazy over the chickens… i don’t know. Not much of cats here…Thank goodness!

Although this is a bit of stretch, i wouldn’t deny the fact that the city has very limited public space for people to take a stroll,let alone to walk the pets.

What about parks? Don’t even ask!whogoesthere1

Understand me!

Living in a pricey city, employing a housekeeper (who likes dogs) or even a dog walker is a challenge. I would say pets who have their own poop-cleaners are very fortunate.

It is great to have a household help, but if they are to do everything from feeding to training, that is, practically taking care of the pets, then in reality, who owns them? If we are unable to spend at least some time with them, then clearly we are not fit to own pets.

Hug Me!

We may or may not have huge well-furnished apartments. Riches don’t matter here. If we decide to keep our pets inside the house or apartment 24×7, what difference does it make from an ordinary kennel? Do they enjoy antique vases and 100 inch televisions? Of course not! Maybe they will enjoy exquisite hand made floor rugs or designer shoes.. oops! It’s understood they want human’s affection.

Look at Me!

Leaving our pets in apartments or kennels until we get back home late night (Remember…with minimal human interaction)..isn’t that too cruel?

Certainly, life is jam-packed with tight-schedules.If we can’t make time for our family and friends, then how are we going to make time for our pets. For some peoples its the other way around. It’s an awful truth, but if we are terrible in managing our time, then its a Problem!

Looking after a pup, mostly in the initial stages, is just like looking after a kid. Its not a consumer product where you buy it and throw it after use. Its a living thing where you need to specifically invest “Time”.

It’s absurd but people do have the tendency to miss out such simple things. This may be because some people tend to be selfish (“Oh! dogs are so cute, i too want one!”) or they think a dog is just an animal (Duh!) to serve them (“Dogs are just wild and uncontrollable animals, they used to live in the jungle..they don’t need any of the comforts. They should be chained! “). Really? What are they? Plastic?.

Some think dogs to be…delicious? (Ugh! no comments!). I should particularly mention about another category of people who love their dogs to death…literally! Feeding too much, no exercise…ring a bell?


12 thoughts on “Love Me Please (Part 1)

  1. Agree so much with you. I love dogs but plan to adopt one only when I am retired and can devote the time to love a dog 🙂

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