Scavengers in City

Some animals feed on thrown-away food. The crows and the feral dogs would be the usual. But, have you seen cows?

tumblr_l9eibtvZ2Y1qcv7ogo1_400Of course, cattle are vegetarian by nature. But going through the roads of Bangalooru, you can see them rummaging through the garbage piles. If you take a closer look, you can see them deliciously chomping the polythene bags and the biodegradable trash bags. Can you overlook the fact that some amount of meat maybe gobbled up by them?

More than two decades have passed since the epidemic Mad Cow disease in the UK. However, there is no guarantee that it won’t come back. Mad Cow disease is actually called Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy. Yes, it sounds silly, but it has caused even the death of humans.

It was reported that about 4.4 million cattle were killed during the eradication program in 1989. Before this widespread disease could be eradicated, it spread to humans killing about 200 of us. During 80’s (Although I think, this must have been happening for a long time), the cattle rearers used to mix the animal by-products with the cattle feed. Over the time, the consumption of meat by the animals led to the Mad Cow disease.

Almost all the areas in Bangalore city has a particular type of space for garbage disposal, which the municipality does not allot. It can be a corner of a road, a sidewalk, among the ruins of a building. It can be any place the public feels convenient to dump garbage. Isn’t that so moronic?

Those who have seen the city at least once will agree when I say the garbage situation here is hopeless. For a start, deploying huge trash containers will be a good idea, instead of tossing it on the sidewalk. At least, this would keep animals away and the city clean.


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Everyone Deserves an Award


I am pleased to say that I have been nominated for this award by Shivani Panchmatia. It is my second award so far (but a bunch of them! 🙂 ). I am happy to know that my posts are engaging.
” Thank you for reading my posts and nominating my blog Shivani :). ”
Shivani is a very passionate and talented blogger. I recommend her blog if you have not checked it out yet. I am sure you will find her blog as much interesting as I do.


My ABC’s:

A- Animated movies: Love them.
B- Bitter gourd: One of my fav vegetable.
C- Challenging: I find writing about myself pretty challenging. Phew!
D- Doodling: Like to, even though I suck at drawing.
E- Epic fantasy: Books & movies.
F- Food: Mom’s food.
G- Grey: My second fav color.
H- Himachal Pradesh: One of the places I would like to visit.
I- Ice-creams: One of my favs is Magnum. Slurp!
J- Jeans: My most comfy attire.
K- Kids: Love kids!
L- Lace: love dresses in lace.
M- Macaws: One of my fav bird.
N- Notepads: I like notepads a lot :D. I keep buying all sorts of them.

O- Onam: My fav festival.
P- Polite: I dislike people who are rude.
Q- Queue: Hates someone disrupting queues.
R- Reading: A daily half an hour dose at least.
S- Sensitive: Oversensitive about some things.
T- Taxidermy: Dislike it!
U- U.A.E: My birthplace.

V- Vineetha: One of my Childhood+Best Friend & Classmate.
W- Writing: Love to write – paper or blog.
X- Xylophone: The first word I learned starting with letter X.
Y- Yogurt: I like sweetened or unsweetened yogurt.
Z- Zoo – I loved visiting zoos as a child, but now I don’t because I realize it is plainly animal imprisonment.

In alphabetical order, my nominations go to :

No pressure accepting this award, but should you choose to accept and publish this award jot down few facts of yourself in alphabetical order.

ABC Award rule: Write a fact about yourself for each of the English alphabets.

Shine On Award

Tazein Mirza Saad, author of the blog recently nominated me for the Shine On Award. Tazein is a lovely blogger who writes from her heart.


Some facts about myself:

  • I love to read, read and read.
  • I love animals, especially dogs (This is sure to be obvious!)
  • My fav number is 7
  • My fav colour is Blue
  • I love shoes
  • I love chocolates and
  • My fav drink is Ice Tea (Peach)

I am happy to nominate this award to all the wonderful bloggers (in alphabetical order)


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