Shine On Award

Tazein Mirza Saad, author of the blog recently nominated me for the Shine On Award. Tazein is a lovely blogger who writes from her heart.


Some facts about myself:

  • I love to read, read and read.
  • I love animals, especially dogs (This is sure to be obvious!)
  • My fav number is 7
  • My fav colour is Blue
  • I love shoes
  • I love chocolates and
  • My fav drink is Ice Tea (Peach)

I am happy to nominate this award to all the wonderful bloggers (in alphabetical order)


1.Write 7 things about yourself.

2. Nominate 7 bloggers.

4 thoughts on “Shine On Award

  1. Hi Sony… Thank you for the nomination…. Well congrats for your award and I hope i read lot more interesting things on your blog and that you get several more awards….

    Thank you once again for your appreciation by conferring this award…..

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