Posted in July 2013

My Friend

Every morning, i see dogs happily trotting beside their owners…real and dummies alike. There are many responsible dog owners who spends so much of their precious time to walk their pets…and i feel quite happy seeing that. This always reminds me of my first visit to Bangalore. I was so amazed to find different varieties … Continue reading

Love Me Please (Part II)

Love Me Please (Part II)

Last post was a bit prickly but frankly i feel good about it. What drove me to write it was a small incident… That awful day, i was traveling back home after the crazy office hours. Along the way, i saw a totally apathetic-looking dog walker tugging at the leash of an adult dog. I’ll … Continue reading

Shine On Award

Tazein Mirza Saad, author of the blog recently nominated me for the Shine On Award. Tazein is a lovely blogger who writes from her heart. Some facts about myself: I love to read, read and read. I love animals, especially dogs (This is sure to be obvious!) My fav number is 7 My fav … Continue reading