Love Me Please (Part II)

Last post was a bit prickly but frankly i feel good about it. What drove me to write it was a small incident…

That awful day, i was traveling back home after the crazy office hours. Along the way, i saw a totally apathetic-looking dog walker tugging at the leash of an adult dog. I’ll name the dog walker Dummy (Because i dislike him and also because he was a stand-in for the real owner).

Walking few steps forward he stopped abruptly fiddling with the leash. The sweet dog, full of love, padded near to him and started to nuzzle his hand. Since i was across the road,  i couldn’t make out if the doggy just nuzzled or tried to lick his hand. Believe me, the sounds i heard after that was terrible.

Kung Fu Dog

The great KungFu Dog

Dummy had hit the poor thing on his head. It was so loud i could hear it on the other side of the road. I can never forget that sight, the sound of that lashing or the doggy’s cry. I wished that the dog had returned his favor…

I get so furious whenever i think about it. But then i realized what is the point in being furious at him? Obviously, he is not the actual owner of the pet.

He is just an idiotic dog walker who hates dogs…Thanks to the even more idiotic owners who sends their poor pets with such douche bags.

This is not the first time dog walkers would have ill-treated the pets and sadly this will not be the last. Most often we think about employing a dog walker after we buy the pup. This has to change.

If we cannot provide companionship to our pets then it is extremely important to find another person who can love them. We may not be lucky to find such affectionate humans very quick , so this should be thought of much earlier…specifically when planning to adopt a pet.


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2 thoughts on “Love Me Please (Part II)

    • Unfortunately i couldnt… the vehicle i was in sped away, before i came out of the shock 😦 … its so saddening and was so furious tht i coudnt do anything to help the poor thing

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