Not everyone’s the same


How upset will you be if anybody accuses your homeland? I am patriotic in my own way and do not support blind allegations and judgements of any sort.

I came across the post by Michaela Cross, which recounts her traumatic experiences while staying in India. As a woman, it pained me to read her agonizing experiences. It pained me to be reminded that all women – Indian or foreign are seen as sexual objects. It also pained me to read such thoughts about my country and my people.

The blog is misleading. I will never say that she was bluffing about her painful experiences or about the effect it had on her. I will not deny that sexual abuse doesn’t happen here nor that it happens only to certain people. But it is misleading because the article portrays India to be the worst country with highest sexual assault, which, of course, directly points towards Indian men. This isn’t true.

There are vile monsters in every nook and corner of the world. Some places swarm with the likes of these and some places they are more or less decent. But that doesn’t mean sexual assault do not happen everywhere. Obviously, all people are not alike. So is the case with men. There are decent men who respect women, and there are also despicable devils who leer and abuses women.

After the disturbing explosion of that article in the blogosphere, it came as a huge relief when i read Candace’s post. I was happy to know there are people who do not accuse the whole country for the crimes of some and who understands the fact that not everyone is the same.

Image source: wikipedia