The Story of Triumph over Evil


The battle raged on for nine days and nights, and on the 10th day, Goddess Durga gained victory over the demon Mahishasura. According to Hindu beliefs, Dusserah or Vijayadashmi was the day the demon was finally defeated and killed by Devi Durga, thereby regaining the balance of the cosmos.

Maha Navaratri is a festival celebrated on 5th of October to honour and worship Durga and her nine incarnations. On all the ten days, believers attend Devi temples to pray and offer pujas to please the Goddess. Sometimes the idol of the Goddess is draped, adorned with flowers, placed on a raised platform and secured to large vehicles. The Goddess is then escorted to different areas in the town or city by priests so that the believers can offer their pujas and seek blessings.

The Story Behind

Mahishasura was an asura who achieved penance from God Shiva. He prayed to God Shiva to grant him the boon of being unkillable by any God or man. With the increased power, Mahishasura and his followers grew arrogant and triumphed over Indra creating havoc in all the worlds. Defeated, Indra requested the ‘Great Trinity’ (Trimurti Gods) for justice. The supreme Gods created the warrior Goddess Durga to eliminate the asuras.

Mahisasuramardini Navaratri Durga Puja
Devi –  Feminine power or Goddess
Deva – Masculine power or God
Durga – Durga is the most powerful incarnation of Devi
Cosmos – Universe and its order influenced by divine beings (in this context)
Puja – Offerings or gifts to Gods to receive blessings
Asuras – Asuras were a different power seeking beings who always wanted to gain control over the devas
Indra – Indra is another deity who is the lord of all the gods and the ruler of heaven
Trimurti or Great Trinity – They are three supreme deities who control the function of creation, maintenance and destruction. God Brahma is the creator, God Vishnu is the preserver, and God Shiva is the destroyer or transformer. Like Trimurti, Tridevis are their counterparts, which embody the feminine power. Parvathi (or Durga) is the counterpart of Shiva.

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