Everyone Deserves an Award


I am pleased to say that I have been nominated for this award by Shivani Panchmatia. It is my second award so far (but a bunch of them! ๐Ÿ™‚ ). I am happy to know that my posts are engaging.
” Thank you for reading my posts and nominating my blog Shivani :). ”
Shivani is a very passionate and talented blogger. I recommend her blog if you have not checked it out yet. I am sure you will find her blog as much interesting as I do.


My ABC’s:

A- Animated movies: Love them.
B- Bitter gourd: One of my fav vegetable.
C- Challenging: I find writing about myself pretty challenging. Phew!
D- Doodling: Like to, even though I suck at drawing.
E- Epic fantasy: Books & movies.
F- Food: Mom’s food.
G- Grey: My second fav color.
H- Himachal Pradesh: One of the places I would like to visit.
I- Ice-creams: One of my favs is Magnum. Slurp!
J- Jeans: My most comfy attire.
K- Kids: Love kids!
L- Lace: love dresses in lace.
M- Macaws: One of my fav bird.
N- Notepads: I like notepads a lot :D. I keep buying all sorts of them.

O- Onam: My fav festival.
P- Polite: I dislike people who are rude.
Q- Queue: Hates someone disrupting queues.
R- Reading: A daily half an hour dose at least.
S- Sensitive: Oversensitive about some things.
T- Taxidermy: Dislike it!
U- U.A.E: My birthplace.

V- Vineetha: One of my Childhood+Best Friend & Classmate.
W- Writing: Love to write – paper or blog.
X- Xylophone: The first word I learned starting with letter X.
Y- Yogurt: I like sweetened or unsweetened yogurt.
Z- Zoo – I loved visiting zoos as a child, but now I don’t because I realize it is plainly animal imprisonment.

In alphabetical order, my nominations go to :

No pressure accepting this award, but should you choose to accept and publish this award jot down few facts of yourself in alphabetical order.

ABC Award rule: Writeย a fact about yourself for each of the English alphabets.

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