My Friend

Every morning, i see dogs happily trotting beside their owners…real and dummies alike. There are many responsible dog owners who spends so much of their precious time to walk their pets…and i feel quite happy seeing that.

This always reminds me of my first visit to Bangalore. I was so amazed to find different varieties of animals on the road but i was truly shocked to find dogs of good breeds on the streets. I still have a vivid memory of two very huge German Shepherds roaming around the area where i was staying. They had neither any leash nor any caretaker with them. It was clear that had been abandoned. Its very unlikely that the couple were let off their leash to take a walk in the street.Mr. Lonely

This was years back…

Now after settling down in Bangalore i was terribly upset to find out that so many pets are being shut out of their homes. Innumerable dogs are getting abandoned on the streets.

People who could remember to be a little bit humane, left their pets tied to some street posts for days together. If that can be called humane…but it is surely better than assaulting them. I cannot imagine how many pets would have been left to die after the cruel deeds.


It happens when pets become a burden. It happens when people move out of the city or the country. It happens when they want to go on vacation. It happens when they have failed to train their pets. It happens when pets become old. It happens when pets get sick. It happens when people do not want to spend resources on them. In short, it happens because humans are selfish.

Humans are after all social ‘ANIMALS’. We are expected to behave like savage animals. Are we?

But, there are certain instances where fate had played a twisted game and pets had to be left back. Instances where the owner had passed away, or the owner or the family is sick, or the family goes into deep debt and had to move away, or the owner is helpless to take decisions and it is done by others. The reasons are many. These reasons are at least comprehensible. What about people who are crueler than savages?


Getting a pup is easy…now that there are thousands of dogs in shelter homes and pet shops, and of course the countless dog owners selling their pet’s offspring…but planning for adoption is something that has to be done carefully. And Planning must be done.

Okay, this is not a high-funded global project but if a little planning does avoid misery for these simple creatures, then we ought to do it.


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