Cow Fables

Once on a silent weekend morning, much to my surprise, I heard some pleasant Indian musical notes being played on an air instrument in the streets outside. I noticed that the music stopped at certain intervals. Even though I had rushed to the balcony, I could not spot the source of the music.

My husband and I were getting ready for our weekly grocery shopping. We could hear the music again and got much louder as we descended the stairs of our apartment. As soon as we reached our apartment’s tiny parking lot, we bumped into our apartment owner, who was paying respects to an ox. Our apartment owner, a true kannadiga (Person who is native to Karnataka, India) is a vegan and very religious.

A beautifully decorated and a fairly healthy – looking ox was standing near to the parking lot of our apartment. A youngster with a simple air instrument was standing beside the ox. Out of curiosity, we stayed to watch the rituals that were being performed. Besides, the way to our vehicle was blocked. The owner handed over the offerings (coconuts and bananas) meant for the ox to the youngster and got started with the rituals. While he was seeking blessings by touching the ox 360 degree, the poor thing was continuously drooling, eyeing the goodies in the youngster’s hands. When the prayers ended after about 7-8 minutes or so, the youngster left with the offerings and the ox. I wonder whether the ox ever got to eat the coconuts!

Once on the way back home from work, while travelling in an auto-rickshaw through a busy market road, I saw a cow trying to look inside a small lights and fixtures shop.  The cow literally climbed the two steps which led to the entrance of the shop and poked its head inside. I couldn’t understand what it was that fascinated the cow but I guess the fully lit and sparkling shop must have caught its attention. It could even be that the shopkeeper had offered something to the cow when it passed by. I didn’t have the chance for another glimpse as the auto-rickshaw sped off like a pro car racer dodging all the other bikes, cars and some misfortunate pedestrians who got stuck in the middle of the road while crossing.

Note: This post does not intend to discuss any religion. However it bears some slight reference in order to acquaint the reader.


4 thoughts on “Cow Fables

  1. A Good attention ….. which we miss to notice the -so called little things in life which has a beauty of its own, which we don’t need an extra ordinary vision to look things at…………

  2. I enjoy looking at the decorated horns of this beast. ‘m happy for them as they are just walking rather pulling carts or doing fields with less nutrition . . . . Religious beliefs help at times 😛

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